Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DIY: Monogrammed Aisle Runner

Of course since I was monogram obsessed ( which several of my wedding guest were very impressed how every thing had the monogram on it) I wanted a monogram on my aisle runner. Here is what you need:
  • aisle runner
  • paint
  • design
  • time

I have had my design of my monogram for sometime. I took my design to Staples to have them blow it up poster size. To save money, make sure that when getting it blown up have them do it in black and white. My copy person accidentally made the my copy in color..but since it was not what I ordered, I got it for a black and white price, which was $4.99.

Place the design under the aisle runner and trace it. This is one of the time consuming parts of this process. Make sure you use a steady hand and do not press to hard through the aisle runner because you can rip through the aisle runner. Once the design is traced, it is time to paint.

Make sure that you have something under your runner while you are painting, so that you do not also paint what is underneath. This can take time as well.

Make sure where ever you are painting it aisle runner can stay there a day or so to ensure that the paint is totally dry so that when you roll it back up for transport you do not have paint on other parts of the runner that you do not want paint on.
To finish off my aisle runner, I added rhinestones to the curly loops of the D, C and J which added extra sparkle. I also added some brown satin ribbon on the end of the runner for another touch. Since I have time on my hands and if you want some help with your runner contact me for pricing.