Friday, November 27, 2009

Wedding Blog of the Week

Follow the journey of Christy and David as they plan their Disney wedding. They have had some ups and downs, but soon Christy will marry her prince charming. If you are planning a Disney wedding, this blog is for you.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Not sure if I would do this in my wedding dress...but this bride was very comfortable finding dinner in hers. I hope that you are having a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ohio State Buckeye Theme Wedding
Credits: Raya Carlisle Photography (3), Ariel Yve (3), Artisan Events, Michelle Mospens, My Personal Artist, Zoeica, Corbin Gurkin, Corbin Gurkin Photography, Orchard Cove Photography, Tim McDermitt Photography, Hank's Cheesecakes, St. Louis, The Knot

Today is the big game between The Ohio State University and Michigan University. If you are a true OSU fan you know the importance of this game. I am a Buckeye fan and my husband is a fan and graduated from OSU, but do not know if I would have incorporated it into my wedding. I think that this wedding looks very elegant, but with a bit of whimsy. It shows their true spirit of being Buckeyes.
O-H-I-O......Go Bucks!!!!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Blog of the Week

If you are a southern gal, you will definately want to check out The Bridal Addition. It is all about southern bridal,  bridal fashion, inspiration and planning. It is a great place to look and check out the lastest in bridal fashion...especially bridal shoes. Hope you enjoy the read!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Planning a Holiday Wedding

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to throw in the holidays with it. I would really want to reduce my stress as much as possible during this time.  Here are some thoughts that I had to do that...

  1. Take advantage of  day after Thanksgiving sales--These sales then to have holiday items for a reduced price, which would reduce your cost. If you know exactly what you want you might even be able to find some the items that you needed for your holiday wedding right after Halloween since that is when some of the stores begin to put out their holiday items.
  2. Have a Party and not Just a Reception--The holidays are a festive time. Make sure that your wedding reflects this. This can be done through the attair that everyone wears, the decor, food served and the music played. Take advantage of the festive spirit.
  3. Ask Family and Friends for Help---Instead of recieving Christmas, Hanakkah, Kwanzza or wedding gifts, ask family and friends to in-kind their services. You might have a friend that can bake ask them to make your wedding cake or a aunt who does flower arrangements ask her to do the flowers for your wedding. By recieving in-kind gifts, it will help with your budget and will make the people that you ask feel special about taking part in your special day.
  4. Wedding Favors--Favors for a wedding, especially during the holidays, can get lost in the shuffle in the whole planning process. Make your favors something that your guest will use again and will remember you when they use it. You could give each guest an ornament with your wedding date or it or bake a special batch of your families favorite holiday cookies. Making the favor more personal makes your guest feel that you were really thinking of them.
  5. Remembering What the Holidays are About--Whatever your family tradition is during the holidays, it is always special to you. Your wedding day will be one of these special days, just with the added bonus of it happening during the best time of the year. Remember why you are getting married and all the new traditions that you will begin to make with your special loved one.
Wedding planning has it ups and downs, I know from experience. If you  just look at what you feel is important to you for your wedding, your holidays and wedding day will be stress-less and wonderful.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wedding Blog of the Week

If you are looking to learn how to have a stylish destination wedding and to have a stylish life check out I Am Style-ish. She will show you every thing from fancy bags to how to prepare for a destination wedding. I check her out weekly now to see what great pair of shoes that she has puchased now. Check her out, she might just make you stylish.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

87 Years

Today is my sorority Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. 87th anniversary. I am a very active member of my local graduate chapter. I had several sorors in my wedding . At my wedding, my sorors sang to my husband and I the sorority's "Sweetheart Song". It was beautiful. We even did some stepping afterward. I even think that my husband's fraternity brothers were jealous because they did not have anything to sing. I love my sorority and want to wish every soror a Happy Founders Day, with 87 more great years to come.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy 7 Months

Hard to believe that I have been married for 7 seems longer. Just kidding, it has been a good 7 months and I am looking forward to the next 70 years. That would put us both at 106 years old. I think that I can handle that.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wedding Blog of the Week

For everything bridal check, African-American Brides the blog. You obtain all sorts of useful  information from the latest gowns to how to interact with your future mother-in law. Click on over and enjoy.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wedding Blog of the Week

Sara is a breath of fresh air. She is a funny, light-hearted, nurse, newlywed and military wife. I have enjoyed reading about her wedding and her life. Check out her blog and see what she is up to.