Monday, June 15, 2009

My Trashing of the Dress

I did not really trash my dress....but I really had a great time on Sunday working with my photographer Sarah in my "trash the dress" photo shoot. You know wearing a bridal gown definitely gets you noticed. I had several on lookers honking their car horns and yelling congratulations as we walked around looking at locations...little did they know I have been married for two months now. I even had a homeless person ask me where my groom was and if I needed a ride since I was walking around in my wedding dress with a bag on my shoulder. It was nice to get noticed..I really felt like a supermodel or something. We took pictures in an artsy part of town and alot of the vendors were real nice in allowing us to shoot some photos in their stores. I can not wait to see some the photos, we took some of me in middle of the street with the downtown skyline as a back drop, on a fire escape, working on a car (my husband is going to laugh at that) and on a bright orange Vespa motor scooter. One of the photos that I can not wait to see is the one with all of my bridesmaids shoes since they were all different ( I did alot of driving around town to gather all the shoes from my bridesmaids for the shoot). Sarah and I had so much fun, it was really enjoyable and lot different from when I took pictures after the wedding. I will post some photos when I get them in ...... 6 weeks ( I hope it is sooner).

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miss halimah. said...

looking forward to seeing them!