Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Kiss

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One of the main attractions at a wedding is the first kiss after being pronounced husband and wife. What was yours like or how do you want yours to go? Per my photographer, my first kiss with my husband was to quick. It worked for us. We really are not much into slobbing each other down in public.

According to eHow there are some steps to ensure that you have that perfect wedding kiss...

•1 Talk to your spouse-to-be about the kiss. Discuss what you both want to do for a wedding kiss.

•2 Ask family members and friends about their wedding kiss. Find out what techniques other people that you're close with used for their wedding kiss. This will give you some idea about what you and your significant other want to do and not do for your wedding kiss.

•3 Watch other wedding kisses. You could watch videos online and even some of those wedding television shows to see how other couples kissed on their wedding day.

•4 Practice the wedding kiss with your future husband or wife. Just like with most activities, practice makes perfect. Once you know what type of kiss you want to have on your wedding day, practice doing it.

•5 Remember to keep the kiss classy. There should no tongue in your wedding kiss. The kiss should also last no longer than three seconds. Save the making out for your honeymoon.

So...what do you think about what is an appropriate wedding kiss? Let us know.

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