Friday, May 1, 2009

Attendant Gifts

We wanted to give our attendants gifts items that they could use again and would remind them of our wedding. Here is what we did.

Bridesmaids,Hostesses and Flower Girl
  • Bags--My mom found a great deal on these bags months before the wedding. There were regularly $3.00 a piece. When my mom found them they were $.50,even better they were in my wedding colors. My mom bought every one that was there, so I gave them to all of my hostess, bridesmaids and flower girl.
  • Flip flops-- I decorated flip flops for the bridesmaids and flower girl to wear at the reception. In some of the photos that I will post later about the wedding you will see that they were definitely wore to dance the night away. Need help with flip flops for your bridesmaids, let me know.
  • Jewelry--Bought on eBay for a really great price. I had talked about in a previous post. My bridesmaids and flower really loved it. I initially did not want my bridesmaids that were wearing halters to wear the necklace that I got them, but after I saw how nice it looked I let them wear it.
  • Other items I got from the Dollar Spot at Micheal's Craft Store. I purchased notebooks and bookmarks with their initials on it and placed it each of their bags.
  • Mirrors--I purchased mirrors for my hostess. I found them for $.75 a piece. Here is where I found them.
Groomsmen, Ring Bearer and Ushers
  • Groomsmen-- What else, but customize shot glasses with each of their names on them. Here is where I found them. They were cost effective and were shipped really quickly. I kinda of order them kinda of late, but was happy that they arrived the morning of my rehearsal dinner. We also gave them their ties to where at the wedding. I found all the men's ties on eBay.
  • Ring Bearer and Ushers--Since there were children we gave them their ties and Easter baskets since I did get married the day before Easter.
Everyone seemed to love their gift. I am glad that we could give them something that they enjoyed.


Hannah Noel said...

Those little bags are adorable-- where did she find them??

Dana said...

My mom found them at Garden Ridge.

monogram jewelry said...

abey yeh kia tha??