Friday, May 8, 2009

Trash the Dress

Now the wedding is over..I am now planning with my photographer my "Trash the Dress" session. These session originally took place with brides jumping in to bodies of water. Granted that these made for some pretty pictures, but I am not willing to ruin my wedding dress. I am looking at what people are now calling an "Urban" trash the dress session. Below are some photos of an urban session. To find out more about trashing the dress, click here.
The image to the right is from fellow blogger bride Heather, when she had her trash the dress session. Click here to see her trash the dress session.

Image found here

Image found here
Image found hereImage found here

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Aleysha said...

The idea of literally trashing the dress is pretty dumb, but I think there's a middle ground between the insane and the mundane. I would tolerate a little water or a little dirt for the sake of some great photos.

Personally, I'm inspired by photos like these:

Urban certainly has its place, but rural beauty will always take first place with me.