Friday, May 22, 2009

Wedding Headpiece

I love my headpiece that I wore for my wedding. I made the flower and feather part and purchased the birdcage veil at Wendy's Bridal. The flower I purchased at an after Christmas sale, so it ended up being $.50. Then I purchased the comb and the feathers at Jo-Ann fabrics. I used a 40% off coupon to purchase the feathers which made it $.50 and the found the comb on the clearance rack for $.50. I used my trusty hot glue gun to secure everything together.

I tried to make my birdcage veil, but it was not turning out how I wanted it to. Two days before my wedding I went to pick up our wedding rings and there was a Wendy's Bridal next door to it. I just went in to see what they had. One of the store clerks was very helpful in showing me what they had. When she was pulling them off of the rack, she notice that one of them was tangled up in the another tiara. She tried to get it untangled. She said that she would be right back. While she came back, I continued to look, but did not want to pay that type of money for them. She returned and stated to me,"If you and I can get this untangled, my supervisor said that you could have it for 80% off." You know what I did, I sat there and got it untangled. It was one of the best ways I have spent 15 minutes in my life. I love my birdcage veil, really trying to find some where else to wear it, and think that it really worked well with my dress and the look that I wanted on my wedding day.

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miss halimah. said...

love the birdcage veil. looks great on you too.
i tried one on ... i'm not really a veil type of chick. but if i do wear one, it'll definitely be the birdcage style. love the vintage feel.