Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Trends--Beyond a Year Engagement

I do not think that this is a new trend, just that since weddings are expensive, more couples are taking there time to plan the wedding that they want along with obtaining the funds to pay for it. I must admit that when I got engaged that I wanted to get married the following year. I was kinda of pissed off when I could not, due to my now husband stating that we need more time to save money and plan. By time I actually got married I had been engaged for a year and 4 months.  Even though I had the support of my mother for my wedding, waiting longer to married really worked out. I was able to get the venue that I wanted and if I got married earlier I would not have since they book in advance. I was able to take the time to make alot of the things that I wanted for my wedding such as the programs, coloring books and petal cones. Even though it the expenses do not go down, but it was nice to spread the exprenses out.

Beyond the expenses, I think that a longer engagement allows you to reflect on the impending wedding and enjoy just being engaged. Most of my friends who now currently engaged, have been engaged since either late 2008 or early 2009 and will be getting married this year. Being engaged longer does not seem so much as a trend, but more of the norm.

What do you think about having an engagement past a year?

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Future Mama said...

How cute is this blog!? How do you do two of them?! man!! Ok I must say I was not following this rule, haha! I was engaged for.. Get this... 2 MONTHS! haha! it all turned out beautiful though, I got my man, got the dress and got married where I wanted for free, I was happy! :)