Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Trends---Birdcage Veils

I am surprised that birdcage veils were suppose to be a trend for this year.  I thought that this was a trend last year. I actually wore one in my wedding and I loved it. The regular veils, just seemed to make me itch every time someone put one on my head. I felt so elegant, sophisticated and retro when I wore by birdcage veil.I think that birdcage veils come in so many different styles and colors, that they offer so many different choices for brides these days.

Click here to see some of my other postings about birdcage veils. I must say I did a few when I was planning my wedding wear.

Are you wearing or did you wear a birdcage veil or a regular veil?


Anonymous said...

Love love love birdcage veils. Where did you find yours!?

Dana said...

I got mine from Wendy's Bridal. Was able to get it for a good price since it was tangled with other head pieces.