Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Trends--Comfort Foods

A new trend in 2010, which I feel that is not really new but been reintroduced is having comfort food being served. At one time is was thought of as taboo to have hamburgers and fries or mac-n-cheese with bar-b-cue beef for a wedding reception, but now a days brides and grooms want to have their favorite or familiar foods served, instead of the standard chicken and green beans. I was totally on this wave-length when planning my wedding reception food. I always said that I wanted a soul-food dinner, because I know there would be foods that I loved along with my guest. I think by having the menu that I did allowed for more of a party atmosphere which made our reception more fun. Click here to see my wedding reception menu.

Sometimes if you serve food that is unfamiliar to your guest and to you, if makes for a unpleasant environment. It will waste money if your guest will not eat the food that you purchased and had prepared for your special day. Choose wisely or it could be costly.

In serving food at your reception choose food that you like, because  it reflects you as a couple but also will make it more enjoyable for your guest.

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