Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reception Meal..Yummy!!!

My mom and I met with the cater, my friend Reggie, last night. I am sure glad that he cooked, because talking about all that food made me hungry. The broomjumpinggroom and I wanted comfort food to be served. I came with ideas of what I wanted and my mom came with what she wanted (which she should since she is paying for it. Thanks Mom!!). Luckily, we agreed that we would be having a soul food meal. Some of the goodies that are going to be served are mac-n-cheese, green beans, sweet potatoes, chicken (got to have chicken) and corn bread muffins. There will be more on the menu, but that is just a tasting. Yummy!!! I told my mom at the meeting that we needed to order another table cloth to wrap around me to so that I can eat, ( and I am going to eat) and not get anything on my wedding dress. Yeah!!..one more thing off of my list.


justin manas prince jaspher ligin said...

"mac-n-cheese, green beans, sweet potatoes, chicken (got to have chicken) and corn bread muffins"...tasty menu

Hannah Noel said...

Hearing you talk about that stuff is making me hungry!!
We're having lots of chicken wings haha. Yuummmm...

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