Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Breast vs. Mom

Well, I went to my second dress fitting on this past Friday. The dress fit really well everywhere but at the top. I could tell by the look on my mom face that she was not pleased. Yes, a small portion of my breast were showing, but I at times like "the girls" to show a bit. The dress did need to be a little more fitted at the top, since I was pulling it up a little and I would hate to spend the whole night pulling my dress up especially when I am doing the "Casper Slide". The seamstress did hear my mom's pleas and asked if I could come back on Saturday to try the dress on again. Round one....the breast

When I was getting ready to go to my fitting, I get this call from my mom. She states," I have a solution for your dress. If it does not fit right today maybe we will add a strip of material at the top or add straps to it." The horror streaked across my face and I composed myself to say," I am not adding straps to my dress." A long pause occurred and then I heard, " We'll I will see you there." Round two....mom

Upon arrival to the seamstress, I saw that my mom had beat me there. I once again tried on the dress. Of course, before I go there my mom had already spoke to the seamstress about her ideas about the dress. Luckily the seamstress had an idea of her own. She add elastic to the inside of my dress so that top of my dress caresses "the girls", without showing them off. I jumped. I jiggled. I moved. " The girls" moved with me, without moving out of the dress. I appreciate the seamstress hard work and I hoped that she saw the gratitude on my face of her solution for my dress. I was happy when we walked out with my dress. Now all I have to do is get it cleaned. One more thing off of my list. YEAH!! Round three....the seamstress.


Jonezy said...

too funny :) glad everything worked out!

Hannah Noel said...

I hate when moms are like that. Thank God for your seamstress!