Saturday, February 7, 2009

The First Fitting

Today I had my first fitting today. There were alot of pins put into the dress, which was a good thing. The seamstress took the top of my wedding dress in alot. The way that Mira, the seamstress, had it pinned made my waist so small. I thought that it look really good, but I will not know how good until I go back in a couple of weeks. My mom and my matron of honor, Kelly, were the only ones there when I got my dress altered since they are the only ones that have seen my dress. I made sure that the seamstress put it up before the others got there.

Most of my bridesmaids had their dresses altered today as well. Most of these ladies needed to have their dresses taken in. There is one that we had to order some extra fabric for to get a panel put into her dress so that it can fit. Two of my other bridesmaids have to go next week, since they could not join us today. The good thing about today was that I got to see everyones' shoes, since I told them that they could select whatever type of shoe they wanted as long as it was dyeable. I must say my bridesmaids, have good taste. Well, I guess they do they are my friends (HA HA). Thank goodness only major issue today....but we can get it taken care of. It is a relief that I have one more thing started for the wedding, but it is also scary because it means that the wedding is just around the corner.

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