Thursday, February 19, 2009

Got a Ticker?

There are several of us " bride bloggers" who have wedding countdown tickers on our blog. This countdown shows how many months and days that you have until your big day(or it can show the procrastinating bride how many less days that she has to get stuff done). If you would like to have one of these tickers on your blog, check out the Widgetbox site. I have found it very user friendly. There are many different types of countdowns and you can even customize them. There are several different types of formats that you can create your ticker in so that it is compatible with the site or system that you are using. Be creative and have fun using this site. If you have any other sites that might be helpful, post it here and share with us all.

1 comment:

SueS said...

I wonder how far ahead it would count? I'd like to use it for a different purpose.