Thursday, November 13, 2008

More and More Flowers

On Saturday I went shopping with my mom and Mrs Herron, the person doing my flowers, went to the Flower Factory to look at flowers and other items for the wedding. There were flowers everywhere. I would pull one thing and Mrs. Herron would say that they were the wrong color for the wedding or they were two big. There was so much stuff there that my eyes started to glaze over and I began to get distracted by all of the holiday stuff. After being in the store over 2 hours, I gave up. I began to feel very overwhelmed. Ms. Herron said that it was alright and that it was just the beginning. What do you mean it was just the beginning? I have to come back and look again. Ugh!!! Well, the trip was not a total bust. I did get some flowers and even found my wedding invitations ( I will post about that later). If you have a Flower Factory near you check it out, it has a nice selection of wedding items at really good prices.

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