Monday, November 17, 2008

N.C. Here We Come!!!

The honeymoon is booked. Hooray!!! I had a few requirement for my honeymoon, beach and water. My fiance had some as well...something that did not include a plane or a boat. I want to thank you all of my fellow bloggers that gave me some suggestions on places to go, it was quite helpful. We are going to Emerald Isle, North Carolina to stay in a condo on the beach for 5 days. You know the Internet is a wonderful, I found the rental agency that we are using there. It seems like a real place to just relax. The location that we are staying at states that it is just up the street from local shopping and restaurants. I am looking forward to just sitting on the beach with a book and my Ipod soaking up the sun and of course spending time with my husband (which he will be be on this trip). The best part of the whole trip is that is under $600.00 for the whole week. The broomjumpinggroom and I will have lots of bonding time in the car on our 11 hour, 11 minute trip across the states to our relaxing place.

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Broke-ass Bride said...

Congrats! It sounds fantastic. That must be a huge relief!