Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wedding tip of the Week: Top 10 Money Mistakes II

With times the way that they are, saving a buck really essential. A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Top 10 Wedding Mistakes. Here are the 1-5 top wedding mistakes.

5. Getting stuck on the "shoulds"

- The "shoulds" are all of the extras that so many people think that they need at wedding, such as favors and fancy linens. What you need to look at is it something that you really care about or it will be something that you will be upset about.

4. Leap before looking

-Do not walk in to the first place reception place that you see and book immediately, (This did not really work for me since this what I did) and then find out a week later about a place that you like even more and is more budget friendly. Take some time and do research. Weigh your options and look at what is most important to you for your wedding.

3. Falling prey to peer pressure

-You went to a wedding where your friends had 6 champagne fountains and enough chocolate cover strawberries to last a lifetime. If all of that is not in your budget, do not do to keep up with the Jones. Make your day special, your way even if it does mean that you have a fountain filled with Kool-aid.

2. Not reading the fine print

-Do not skip the fine print. Read every contract and know exactly what you are getting into. You need to know when balances are due and what deposits are owed. Make sure that you know all of the unknowns. Make sure that you ask questions. If you do not ask questions, you might be paying for a $400.00 cake with a $500.00 cake cutting fee.

The number 1 wedding money mistake is.......(I feel like David Letterman)

1. Not setting budget priorities

-I know that you do not want to think about priorities when you are thinking about Cinderella dreams. Setting up a budget and setting what priorities that are important for your wedding will allow for you to have things that you want within a budget that you can live with.

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Skywalker said...

I think what you posted is common sense. But hey you never know. I had so many people tell me what I ought to do that I took with a grain of salt.

I did extensive research before I financially committed to anything -should I hire a pro or let a craig's list poster do my photography? Who will do coordination, who will do cakes, who will do catering (this was strictly price based) and where was my venue? I think the no brainers were the dress makers, the florist, and the church.

I visited my folks and explained what I could pay for and asked them what they could pay for (the big expenses such as catering and the photography). I did the minute planning and payments as well as my honeymoon, gifts, cakes, coordinator, dj. Unfortunately my in laws couldn't contribute but we worked it out.