Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wedding Tip of the Week: Wedding Money...Top 10 Mistakes

Even without planning wedding, we all try to live on some sort of budget. At least we try to. When planning a wedding you have to budget even more. According to Bridal Guide magazine, there are 10 money mistakes that can help halt your plans to the alter. Today I will give 6-10.

10. Trying To Do It All Yourself

- You can not handle every detail of your wedding ( am going to try) and if you are not careful being a DIY bride may cost you more. Hire a wedding planner, even though they have their own cost they maybe able to save you some money. Enlist the help of the family and friends, you never know how talented that they can be.

9. Not Thinking Creatively

- Be creative. Think outside of the box. Just because your friend have $50,000 in flowers does not mean that you have to. Brides now a days are using a variety of items from feathers to stones to pictures to make their dollar go farther but their decor still beautiful. Check out local stores like Jo-Ann Fabrics for classes, a local library for books of ideas for weddings or comb the Internet for ideas.

8. Stuffing Your Guest

-You do not need to have enough food that every guest could have 5 plates. It is not the last supper. Make sure that you have enough food for every and not to little. When working with your caterer, let them know what your budget it is and that way that their will be enough food there just to feed your guest.

7. The Guest List

- Figure out how many guest that you can afford to have at your wedding. Be mindful that the more people you invite the more you will have to spend.

6. There Is No "I" In Us

-Know what you and your fiance want on the big day. Make a wish list of the top 5 items that you both want at the wedding. This will eliminate over spending and unnecessary purchases.

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