Saturday, October 18, 2008

You vs. The Tattoo

I have been wanting a tattoo for a long time. I think will be kinda cute to have one on my foot. My fiance', who has several tattoos, said that I am to much of a sissy to get one. All I want is a small, and I mean small, tattoo on my foot. I think I still be able to be professional with it. I have been watching several wedding shows where the bride is going off about her bridesmaids having tattoos. First of all, how do not know that your bridesmaids, who are suppose to be some of your closes friends have tattoos. Several of my bridesmaids have tattoos and some of them will be noticeable in their dresses. I have had some people say,"They are putting make up on their tattoos, right?" WRONG. How can I ask them to cover their tattoo when I will have one, hopefully by then, and my fiance has several. I think that would be rude. Now, I will say that if the tattoo is inappropriate, based on what you think is inappropriate, it should be covered. Well, wish me luck on Saturday..I think I might try to get my tattoo then. We will see if I chicken out.
If you really do not want your bridesmaids tattoos, or your tattoos, be the star of your wedding day there are several products such as Tattoo Camo , Dermablend and Secret Camouflage.
Do you have this dilemma in your wedding?

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mrs. mary mack said...

A couple of my bridesmaids had tattoos, but only one had tattoos that would be visible in the dresses that I chose. We simply airbrushed her tattoos. She was totally cool and understanding of my desire to cover them. After the wedding she wiped the airbrush make up off and was able to "do her". I understand wanting to show what makes you, but when nobody else is showing a visible tattoo in a halter styled dress is looks rather funny.

I had Henna placed on my feet before the wedding, but my dress was so long hardly anyone noticed.