Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dressing the Groom

Well, it was time this past Saturday for the Broomjumpinggroom and his groomsmen to go and pick out their attire. In a previous post I talked about how my fiance and I went to a store to look at suits and the sales clerk told me that my wedding colors did not go together. Well, he went back to the store since he really liked the suits there. His groomsmen are all different shapes and sizes, so I was thinking that it would be easier to get the smaller sizes than the larger sizes...WRONG. When they got there the sales clerk ( and we think that she was the store manager), at first, she could not measure them correctly and secondly did think that she could get all the sizes like we were told when we went there the first time. The Broomjumpinggroom got so frustrated he called me to see if there was anywhere else that they could go. So super bride to the rescue. I called the other store that I went to when I was doing research on the suits, to see if they were open and they were. I let the Broomjumpinggroom know. About a half an hour later, I got a call from the Broomjumpinggroom stating that they loved the suits and why didn't I send him there in the first place. They loved the suits so much and were getting such a deal on them that some of the grooms men were thinking about ordering another suit. I guess I really do not care what they buy as long it is that brown suit that my fiance checked. I was kinda tempted to call the store to go and see the suit. I am sure that the Broomjumpinggroom pick out a fabulous suit. He does have good taste, which is evident since he is marrying me.

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ZACK said...

Congratulations in advance!

The best to you and the lucky groom. :)