Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are You A Bridezilla?

With all of the wedding planning, have you changed into a different person than who your were when you got engaged? Well find out, take the Bridezilla test to find out. What is your Bridezilla score?


mrs. mary mack said...

(Former bride)hmmm the test says that I'm a laid back bride, but according to my very uninvolved bridemaids I MS. Bridezilla herself!! Whatever... either way what I wanted done got done. Sure, I lost two bridesmaids in the process but it had nothing to do with me- they couldn't get along with other members of the bridal party! LOL

rachete said...

I like your site!

Anonymous said...

Lol that picture made me a good time.Got a funny score tough.Gotta do it tone more time.
Thx for posting great blog!

Jessika Mestas