Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wedding Hair: Down Styles

If you are not sold on the whole updo idea, here are some down hair styles. I am not sure if I am crazy about a bride having her hair down for her wedding. I think that it looks more elegant with a brides hair up for her wedding ceremony and if she wants to let lose wearing it down for the reception. I think that there are some exceptions to this thought, like brides who are doing an outdoors themed wedding would look like one with nature with her hair down. My hair is not long enough current for any of these styles and I would need lots of hair extensions to pull any of these styles off.


mrs. mary mack said...

ooohhh number 6 the hair into the braid is really cute!... Never seen that style before!

Miss April Joy said...

I plan on wearing my hair down for my wedding, I'm not too big on up-dos. I like the one title lh.jpg