Sunday, April 13, 2008

363 Days to Go!!

It is of April 11, I have one year until I get married. Which means I have one year to select all the details for my perfect day. At the current moment, I have some many thoughts and I feel so scattered and overwhelmed I sometimes do not know where to start. I have subscribed to some of the bridal websites such as The Knot, that send alerts to remind me and keep me on tasks. My lack of motivation, I attributed to that I was planning an event for my sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho, that I was very focused on, but that event was over last night and I have not done a thing today but sleep. Well as the weeks go on..I hope that I will get more motivated since I have some appointments planned to see the table linens and chair covers. I need to get it into motion since I, do not want to be one of the Bridezillas waiting to the last moment to get everything done.

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Sharon said...

Your wedding day will be my son's 18th birthday. Congratulations and best wishes. ~fellow blogger, Sharon