Monday, April 7, 2008

Wedding Tip of the Week: Planning

Ever since I have been 6, I have had a plan for what I wanted my wedding to look like. Since I have gotten engaged, I have spent hours solidifying everything that I wanted or refining what I thought I might have wanted. Planning your wedding can be a fun, happy and sometimes stressful process. When deciding your vision for the wedding, you need to first decide if you want the assistance of a wedding planner or your going to DIY bride or groom. Either if you use a wedding planner or DIY your wedding, there are several resources that you could find on the Internet. Using the Internet, you can refine your ideas and find deals on items that you need. Some of the websites that I have found useful are the following:

These sites are just a few. There are hundreds on the Internet that includes peoples' personal wedding websites and blogs where you can find inspiration from. Whatever you do make your wedding your own.

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LadyT said...

not sure if you know about it yet but is a wonderful resource and highly addictive!

my work productivity is at an all time low! lol......