Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Something Aqua, Something Brown

Well after being asked for weeks," What are the colors for your wedding?" and my only response being "Aqua". Well sound the alarm another color has been chosen, chocolate brown. When I went to my linen appointment this past Saturday, my mother spotted some beautiful brown linens. We began to play with the brown napkins on the aqua table runner with a white table cloth and we loved it. Chuck likes the idea of brown, especially since one of his fraternity colors is brown. He said that he just needed to see it together. I think that the men being in chocolate brown suits with a white shirt and an aqua (or what I call Tiffany box blue) tie would look really nice. While surfing the net ( all photos found on The Knot or Yahoo Images), I found some other bridal stuff that fits my theme.

I plan on using chair covers for my wedding, since I am having everything in one place. I was thinking of alternating aqua and brown sashes since colored chair covers are more expensive and so that I can stay within budget I will need to use white.

I like all of the above as some options for my tables at the reception.

I even found some cake ideas with the colors.
At some point when I was planning my wedding I had originally thought that I wanted some kente cloth (African fabric) put in there, but it becoming to hard to find. The aqua and brown is starting to grow on me. I think these colors help with the "classy casual" vibe that I want for my wedding. Now that I have made the color selection, I can not start applying to different aspects of my wedding.


style-ish said...

Thanks for stopping over at my blog!

Great color combo! I love that cake with the big bow on top.

mnc said...

Hi Dana,
Love the colors.
Lasting Impressions has a great selection--but an even better selection in its Columbus store. Good luck!

Erica said...

Love the colors--my bedroom is fully decked out in aqua and chocolate, so naturally I'm a fan of your choice! :-) Thanks for the tip re: the Micheal's coupons!

Lady T said...

lovely selection.....

chocolate is one of my colors too. you may have already determined this but Chocolate/Expresso tuxes are a little harder to pin down.

we needed to go with a major retailier who was all over the nation to accomodate all of our guys. So we will more than likely go with Jim's Formal Wear. they have a chocolate tux.

my wedblog:

Lady T said...

oops! i hit publish prematurely.

Here's the link:

hope that helps!

A Windy City Wedding said...

Ooh pretty cakes, I love the one with the ribbon detailing!

JewishGal said...

I love chocolate brown in wedding colors! I think you can use it any season and it looks great. I'm using brown, too. My colors are either blue, pink, green and brown or yellow, pink, green and brown (I haven't decided, blue or yellow).

Anonymous said...



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