Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow, What a Beautiful Engagement

Some of you have seen received this email about an Atlanta couple who got engaged. This slide show is a true showing of how much one person loves another and what a large role God has in their lives. I have received this email slide show several months ago and just today someone else emailed to me...and it still is just a romantic as when I first saw it. I think that this email had even reached Oprah's email box, because I believe the photographer that took the pictures of the engagement was on Oprah talking about it.

The photographer, Ross Oscar Knight, has a beautiful website with lots of photojournalist photographs. I love all the slide shows that he has of some of the weddings and the other engagements that he has photographed. The way that he takes pictures, it seems to put you right in the moment.

Looking at their engagement, makes me thing of my own proposal. I think that if my fiance' did anything like this young man did, I would think that he had changed places with an alien. He is romantic, in a romantic comedy type of way. Each proposal is special in it own special way, based off of what is special to the two people involved. You really can not compare proposals or even weddings to say one was better than someone elses, even though we try, because it special because some loved you enough to ask you to spend the rest your life with them (that's a long time). My proposal, will be something that I will hold dear to me for the rest of my life and everyday that I look down at my left hand I am reminded of it.

Please enjoy viewing this couples proposal and another proposal from Knight's website,may they give you inspiration in your relationship.

( I am so going to find that CD, so that I can have that song in my wedding)


Jenna said...

I added you to my blogroll tonight, let me know if that's not okay!

LadyT said...

lol! i did the same thing when i saw it months ago.....i googled and googled until i found out the name of the song.....

but apparently its sung by a few people and i downloaded a different version.

beautiful song though.

Tara said...

i tagged you!

Dana said...

I had a senior moment and realized that if I opened the tool bar on the slide show and placed my cursor on the volume button it showed the name of the song. Luckily I have a friend that has the cd and I am going to upload the song to my IPod.

CaliOC said...

I tagged you -- so here are the five things I am looking forward to about my wedding:
1. Kissing my fiance (hubby) after we say "I do" in front of everyone.
2. Calling my fh "husband" and me Mrs. Calioc
3. Wearing my amazing dress
4. Enjoying the 8 months of planning I put into one day
5. Hearing my good friend Daniel sing before the ceremony.