Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dye or not to Dye?

There is a current trend of brides adding a splash of color under their all white with dyeing their shoes. Many dye them the color of the wedding or some think outside the box and dye them a color not associated with their wedding. I think that I am going to dye my shoes and make them my something blue. So what are you
doing? Are you dyeing your shoes?


heidzilla said...

i didn't dye my shoes but i did wear navy ones! (a wedding color). i loved it, it turned out cute. and my MIL happened to buy the same shoes, and didn't know! sort of funny :)


Hannah Noel said...

I want to find some gorgeous red shoes, or maybe Ivory. So far, the dyable shoes I've found are all ugly :(

miss halimah. said...

yeh, all the typical bridal dyable shoes are so boring to me. i won't be dying but i will be wearing a splash of color.