Sunday, January 11, 2009

"That sure is shiny."

Were my words when I went to check in on our wedding rings last Saturday. The clerk, Kevin, who we have been dealing with ever since the Broomjumpinggroom picked out my engagement ring. I saw my customize wedding band. It was so pretty with the aquamarine stones and diamonds. Kevin took my engagement ring and shined it up and put my bands with it. Then it hit me...I am getting married. Looking at my wedding set I realized how close I was to April 11. When we first picked that date, it seems so far away and now it was right in front of me. I still have one more decision to make with my wedding band, is if I am going to get them put together or just get a ring guard to hold them together. What are you going to do?

The Broomjumpinggroom ring is so nice. I showed the two bridesmaids that were with me the one that I wanted him to get and then they saw his actual ring and said that was him. The more I looked at it, it is really his style. I always thought that the rings had to match, but I am glad that we both selected something that are reflections of us at individuals and us as a couple.


Rachel said...

It's it funny how time flys when you are trying to plan the biggest event of your life? Good luck April 11th!
You asked who was going to get the their rings sautered together or purchase a ring guard. Personally I'm going with the ring guard. If my fiance and I ever want to upgrade the diamond or band I don't want to have to hand over both rings. I would feel naked so to speak.

Dana said...

That was a good thought since I know that my fiance did purchase an upgrade plan with my ring. Thanks.