Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flower Girl

Have you found your flower girl dress? I have been looking. I really do not want my friend to have to spend a whole bunch of money on a dress for a child that she may only wear once. I have been looking local stores, since it is the season that some of them start pulling out their Easter dresses. I think a fancy Easter dress would do just fine..especially since my wedding is the day before Easter and if she does not get anything on it she can wear it the next day. I really like the one pictured above ( of course..I found it on EBay).I want my flower girl to be comfortable and be able to have fun in the dress. I told her mom to just pick some white dress shoes that she could wear to church and I will probably pick out some of those big frilly socks for her to wear that match the dress. (side note: I hate to see little girls with tights on and big socks. It makes me hot just looking at them, so I know that their feet have to be sweating.) What do you want your flower girl dress to look like?


Jonezy said...

I got our flowergirl's dresses from Burlington Coat Factory--they are white easter dresses for around $25 and my mom added ribbon to them in one of the wedding colors. You may want to check out Walmart or Target around Easter as well... They have some really cute dresses!

Dana said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I will look there. I really do not want her in white. I would like her in one of the wedding colors. I am sure with Easter coming up that I will be able to find something.

miss halimah. said...

aww, this is cute. mine will wear a cute chocolate dress too. i need to start looking asap.