Monday, January 26, 2009


After I had held my first giveaway for a custom Julianne Smith garter, Julianne made me one for my wedding. I finally got it and here is a picture of it.

I think that it is pretty. Since it is not made of shiny fabric, it does not move on my leg and is really comfortable. I wore a garter to my senior prom, since all my friends were wearing one, and since it was made out of the fabric of my dress, satin and lace, it bothered me for most of the night. Between the lace rubbing on my thigh or my just pulling it up to stay on my leg, it just became an irritant. I ended up taking it off and putting into my purse half way through the evening. I am pretty confident that I will not have a problem with this one. I am sure it will stay on until the garter toss. Check out Julianne's website for a garter for your special day.


Hannah Noel said...

Aww-- yay! that's very cute =)

Never teh Bride said...

I can attest to the fact that non- satin and lace garters are the most comfortable. Mine was made out of a very soft tussah silk (nothing scratchy) and I forgot it was there for most of my wedding.

Mona said...

It is a delight for the sentimental bride who want to have a keepsake garter as well as one for tossing like this one.