Sunday, March 16, 2008

13 months to go!!!

I have 13 months to go until I get married. I got engaged on December 26, 2008, after a less than exciting Christmas. On Christmas with all my family and friends around we were exchanging gifts, as we got to the end, I began to wonder were was my gift from Chuck (my then boyfriend). I just figured that since he was a private person that he would give me my gift once everyone left our house for the evening. I went and began to wash some dishes from dessert, Chuck came up behind me with some paperwork. I looked up and he began to talk to me about that he was going to give me my ring this Christmas but the jewelry store sold my ring to someone else. It all became a blur, as looked at the paperwork with nothing shiny next to it. Before I knew it, curse words were flying out of my mouth and I was tell him to get out my face. As he walked away saying sorry, I did not know that he had told all my friends and family what he was doing and they were laughing in our living room.
At 3:00 am, Chuck came into our bedroom yelling and screaming about a mess or something downstairs. I was still half a sleep, trying to figure out what he was saying as I fumbled for my glasses so I could see. When I finally got my glasses on and got out of bed, I realized that he was standing there with the ring. Of course, I was speechless and tried to play off my shock. He asked me to be his wife, I began to cry. It was not one of those cute cries, it was one of those ugly, snot rolling, losing your breath cries. Through all that I finally got out YES!!!!!! We have a mortgage together, do you think that I would not say yes? Thus...the planning begins.

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