Thursday, March 27, 2008

3 Things done...1,000 to go

I have gotten three things off of my checklist, confirmed the date with my pastor, selected my venue and my photographer. I am getting married at the Olde Gahanna Sanctuary. It is a beautiful church that was built in the early 1900's, that in 1997 turned into a rental facility after it was restored. It has lots of space so I will be having my ceremony in the sanctuary and then my guest will go to the the other side of the building for appetizers and then return the to where the ceremony is for dinner. Having the guest go to the other side allows for the tables to be set up in the room. I was glad I reserved the space when I did, since they were already becoming booked up for next year. No wonder they book up so quick, they are very reasonable, unlike other venues. People ask my mom and I all the time why I am not getting married at my church. My mom says it is because I am vain and my church does not have a center aisle. I have to admit, sometimes that is part of the reason. The main reason is that I wanted to have everything in one place. I love my church, but I had never imagined myself getting married there.

Another item I have off my list is my photographer. My friend Sarah Gee is an excellent photographer. I think that it started as a creative outlet for her, since she is an art teacher. She has taken several pictures of various weddings, baby photos and senior pictures. I have always known since seeing her photography that she would do my wedding. She also makes those beautiful storybooks with your wedding photos. I can not wait to see mine. Here are a few photos that Sarah took of a wedding at The Sanctuary, you get two for one, you get to see her beautiful pictures and where I am getting married. For more information on Sarah and her photography please contact her at..

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LadyT said...

obviously, i am catching up on your site thus leaving mad comments all over it, lol...

let me raise my hand here and say that i understand. part of the reason why i chose my venue was vanity....if vanity had been the only reason, i might have sucked it up, but there were several other factors to consider so i dont feel completely shallow.

my current church is old and small. the fellowship hall couldn't be used either bc it was too small.

so i chose a chapel in the CityWeUsed2LiveN and both my parents were completey perplexed... "why spend money on a church when your father pastors a church?"

yeah, i've answered this question a lot, but we went with what made us happy. and i am happy you found a place that makes you happy too!