Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Invitations: To make or not to make, that is the question.

I have received several emails about pocket invitations. I posted a comment on, when she was explaining her invitation process. I must say I was really inspired by her creativity on making her own invitations. I consider myself a "Crafty Kathy" myself and have looked into all options, well the cheapest, option for my budget. For pocketfold invitations here are a couple of resources that you can use:

  • This company has the right shade of Tiffany blue that I have been looking for. Actually this is the paper company that the bride to be on the road to the aisle blog used for the paper she used for her invitations. The person that I had contact with was Tom ( He was really helpful and responses quick to email. He can assist you with the custom cutting that you need for your invitation. The colors of paper that match the most for my wedding were Metallic Astrobright Glisten Lunar Blue and Stardream Metallic Aquamarine. I ordered samples from them. They do charge for the color sample, due the recent demand, but I feel it is totally worth it.

  • I have also checked out They have a variety of different types of pocketfolds. The site also shows the sizes and shape of the inserts that are needed for each of the different types of folds. They have a minimal charge for a sample pocket in the color that you want. You can also order a color swatch from them. All samples have free shipping on them, that is great for a bride on a budget.

In emailing Tom and reviewing the information that was mailed to me from Cards and Pockets, the prices were not that different from one another. You just need to decide if you want, or have time, to be crafty. I need to figure out if I feel like folding and gluing 250 pocketfolds or just have them all ready put together by someone else. If you do decided to make them yourself I would refer back to the for detailed instructions on how to make them. She has photographs and step-by-step instructions. I just need to be serious with myself and think if I am really am going to have time to complete all of them plus all of the other items I need to do on for my wedding. I think that sometimes just put the to do items to the back of my mind, since I am not getting married until April of next year. I should know better since I am a part-time wedding planner and am constantly on my brides to get the things done that I need them to do.

With the pocketfolds I need to decide on which style I like the best.

I am looking at one of these two styles. I am not going to need that many inserts since I am having my wedding and my reception all in the same place. That means one set of directions and one RSVP card. Which cuts some of the cost of what I need to order and to print for each of the invitation. It might even make it a little bit lighter to mail since who knows what the USPS will do this time next year when I get ready to mail them.

On the Cards and Pockets website there were several different teal or aqua colors shown. They have Tiffany, pool and teal. When I obtained the sample from them I thought that the Tiffany color was the closest to the color that I have chosen for my wedding.

I hope that this information helps and I will keep you posted on what I really end up doing or if I find any more sites or information.

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