Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shoes..Glorious Shoes

I must say I have a little bit of a shoe fetish. I love shoes. They can have a high heel, a wedge or a flip-flop, I love shoes. Taking me to DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) is like taking a food addict to a buffet. Upon entering the store, my eyes begin to glaze over, my heart starts to race and then I need to decided where to go first. I love the thrill of hunt. Seeking out the latest shoe style or the style that my friends do not even know about and I get first. The hunt gets better when I find the perfect shoe in the CLEARANCE section. Sometimes I do not have to have an outfit for the shoe, but build an outfit around the shoe making it the star.

I was not even supposed to be in the shoe store tonight, but my mom was looking for something and I went with know for moral support. Of course, I went through my routine of being overwhelmed with all the beautiful shoes. As I make my way to the clearance section, all the time running through my head that I was not going to purchases anything, I spot them. The perfect shoes for my wedding. ( the above photo is sort of looks like the shoes) I walk up to them. I inspect them. I caress them. Then I realize that they are 40% off, which makes them even better. As I look through the other evening/bridal shoes in the store... I begin to think about how great a deal these were. I refuse to pay $46.00-70.00 for a pair shoes that I am probably only going to wear for 2 hours and take off for a cute pair of flip-flops at the reception. I decided to take the plunge and try them on. Of course, they fit perfectly and were comfortable to boot. The only problem was, I was trying to decide if the heel was to high to stand next to my fiance. He is not a short man, but sometimes when I wear certain shoes , like a stiletto, I am shoulder to shoulder to him. My mom liked them and they felt good to walking. I had to make sure that they were dye able,since I would like the shoes to be dyed the same color as my sash on my dress, aqua (my something blue). I decided to put them on hold so that I could check the Internet to see if I really was getting a deal. I will probably end up going to get them, because they were on sale, made my calf look really long and lean and they really need a home. Never leave a shoe orphaned.

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