Thursday, March 20, 2008

15 pounds....50 more to go!!

Yeah, I got some great news today. I went to doctor and I have lost another 15 pounds since last month when I saw the doctor last. I have been trying to work out 2-3 days per week and watching what I eat since the beginning of last summer, when I realized that I was starting to look like Ora the Killer Whale. I have had my good months and I have had my bad months with my regular exercise and eating, so my weight would go up and down. I have been really watching what I am doing since I got engaged. I do not want to look like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man ( the big marshmallow man that got shot down in the first Ghostbusters movie) when I walk down the aisle. Losing 15 pounds in a month is a big deal, especially when I am used to losing 7-8 pounds a month. I was also surprised due to the amount of lemon creme Girl Scout cookies I have been treating myself to. Well, I am not going to complain something worked. When I first started this quest to committing to be fit, I had to find a variety of different exercises to do since I would become bored with just going to the gym and walking on the treadmill. I have been talking a hip hop aerobics class and a water aerobics class at the gym, walk with a co-worker when the weather is warm and take yoga once or twice a week.

The one workouts that I look forward to every week, is my belly dancing class. I have been taking belly dancing for almost a year now. I started taking classes in May of last year. My classes are taken at Habeebas Dance of the Arts . I really enjoy the way that my body moves and how the classes make me feel. Besides they are fun. I try to get to classes twice a week if possible, so that I can dance. My teacher is trying to talk me into performing with the troupe this summer. I said that I might depending on what dance I did. I really like the dances that we dance with the scarfs. We will see how the next few months go with the dance classes and wedding planning to see if and when I am going to perform.

The next type of exercise that I am interested in is pole dancing. One of sorority sisters took this class and said it really gave her a good upper body workout. I am trying to figure out when I can fit this into my schedule. This class has two-fold benefits, a great arm and leg workout and future newlywed benefits (if you know what I mean). Here is a place that offers pole and exotic dancing, called Dolphin Dance, . Maybe I will see you there!

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LadyT said...

thats great!!!

i've really been wanting to to take a strippercise class.

alas, none offered where i live, but after the wedding i will be moving to a larger metro area which should have these types of things!