Monday, March 31, 2008

Is this how Willy Wonka felt?

I have been watching wedding shows for years, grabbing ideas from most of them. The key now is to be able to work the ones that I like the most into my ceremony. The one idea that I know that I am using is, a candy bar. I have a sweet tooth anyway, so it works out perfectly. The trouble that I was finding was that, all the brides that I saw who had candy bars at their weddings were using colors like pink, yellow or red. These colors are little more appetizing that turquoise. My mom is questioning why I want our guest to be walking around with their mouths looking the color of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. I began to do some research, to find where I could obtain bulk candy in the color that I need. My local Wal-Mart use to have a candy store in it, but of course when I need it, it closes. Once I again I begin to surf the Internet to find what I need. Wow..when they say the world wide web they surely mean it. Even though the candy was not within reach, I still felt like a kid in a candy store. I found blue raspberry gumballs, blue raspberry Laffy Taffy and turquoise buttermints on The Candy Warehouse. On the Groovy Candies website, I found blue raspberry sours and Now and Laters. Of course, I went to the M&M to find the perfect color chocolates. It is not in my budget to add Chuck and I' s name on them, but I guess it does not really matter anyway since people will be eating them not reading them. At least I am just looking at the candy and not eating the candy. That would not do much for my current weight loss program.

Now that I know where I am getting my candy from, I need to find the containers that I want to put them in to. I want them to be different shapes and sizes, to make the display a little more
interesting. I have found a lot of 3 on Ebay for $.99. What a deal!!! My mom found a real crystal bowl at the thrift store, ( one of my favorite places on earth). I think I have decided that I am only going to have 8 selections of candy at the reception so I only need to look for 4 more. To complete the candy bar area, I need to find some candy scoops and find the perfect bags that I can put my monogram on (well I guess I need to get on the ball rolling on creating that) for my guest to take the treats in.

This planning stuff takes on many layers.
I thought that picking candy would be simple, but there are several other things that I need to do so that the candy bar looks that way that I want it so that my guest and I are both satisfied.

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