Wednesday, August 6, 2008

100 Push Up Challenge...I Think I Am At 2

No, no, no. I have been doing the challenge as listed, so I have done way more than two. I finished week one and am on week two. I started week two on Tuesday. I did not feel to bad when doing them and seemed not to struggle to as much as I did last week. One of my goals of doing this is not only to strengthen my arms, but to become strong enough so that I can get lower the ground when doing the push ups. When I did the rest periods in between sets I did 25 crunches. max I plan on doing my push ups tomorrow and Thursday to finish out the week. How is everyone else doing? Keep up the good work.

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Jennifer said...

Stronger than last week, but I'm still pretty weak! Love the idea about doing some crunches in between sets!