Saturday, August 9, 2008

U and I

I think this one weekend that I really have not alot to do...well, that is a lie, I am meeting with a florist on Saturday and am helping host a baby shower on Sunday, but my evenings are free. The whole point of getting engaged is so that you marry and be with the person that you love. It does not seem like I have seen the Broomjumpinggroom much..but this weekend is date night. We have several conversations throughout the day, and I am not counting us texting each other at work as a date. We have already decided that we will try to have some sort of date night per week. It does not have to be anything extravagant, it can be as simple as having lunch together, renting a DVD, watching a TV show, having a conversation (not via text or phone) or having a night out on the town. During this time together, there is not wedding planning talk (having a hard time with this rule). I can not wait to see what we do this evening. What do you and your groom-to-be do to stay connected during the wedding planning process?

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