Monday, August 18, 2008

Wedding Tip of the Week: Best Man

Just like the your MOH the best man has the duties as well. Here is a list of things that they are responsible for.

  • Help the groom choose attire for the wedding.

  • Plan the bachelor party with help of the groomsmen.

  • Attend all wedding activities including the rehearsal etc.

  • Stand next to the groom at the altar and hold the bride's ring.

  • Make sure the groomsmen know what they need to do.

  • Sign the marriage license as a witness of the ceremony.

  • Decorate the wedding car.

Here are some other things that the BM can do:

  • Hand the officiant his or her fees in a sealed envelope.

  • Dance the first dance with the MOH.

  • Collect gift envelopes that guest bring.

  • Announce the married couple.

  • Make a toast.

Your groom's BM does not have to do all of these things, but mainly needs to serve as a source of support for your groom. Make sure that your groom, lets his BM know what his expectations are so that their are no miss understandings. Like the MOH, he needs to be a friend to your groom, before, during and after the wedding.

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