Monday, August 4, 2008

Wedding Weekend Part I: The Bridesmaids

This weekend I went with my bridesmaids to Perfect Weddings Bridal Salon, for them to order their dresses. For the wedding my bridesmaids will be in the aqua color and my maid and matron of honor will be in the chocolate brown. Each "diva" (what I am calling my bridesmaids) was able to choose their own top, but will all be in the same skirt. Lucky, everyone picked a different top, which is what I wanted. The process went smoothly and it was actually kinda of fun. Below are some of the tops that my "divas" selected.

Like I stated before, all the bridesmaids will be in aqua with any accents on the dress to be in the chocolate brown.

This is the maid of honor. Her dress will be brown and her accents will be in the aqua.

Above is the skirt that everyone will be wearing with their top.

My matron of honor really fell in love with this top. She tried on some others but she kept going back to this one. It was nothing like the ones that she selected when I sent her the website to look at. The back is really cute.

This is my cousins dress. She got sized in June when she was in town, since she lives in Atlanta, Ga. Her top has really pretty rhinestone buttons on it. She came prepared and even brought the shoes that she wants to wear in the wedding. She left them with me so that when I decided to get their shoes dyed , I would have hers and she would not have to ship them to me.

If you have not guessed, I am allowing my bridal party to select their own shoes, along as they are dyeable. I want them to feel as good as they look.

After we did the sizing, my mom treated us to Applebees (THANKS MOM!!!). It was a really fun day and it was great to hang with my friends. I am excited about the ladies dresses and can not wait to see them when the come in.

The next post from this weekend of wedding planning is all about the cake and veil.

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