Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweetheart Tables

Among many bridal trends in weddings, the sweetheart table is a recent one. I know when I mentioned to the broomjumpinggroom that I wanted one he stated that he wanted the tradition set up. This long table, where people who sometimes do not know each other are asked to sit next to one another for hours on end while their date sits at a table with cousin Joey. I know that it has been done for years, but I think that long table set up is out dated. I have been to lots of weddings were I have watch the bridesmaids and groomsmen running back and forth from the head table to where their date is sitting. I just did not want that for my bridesmaids and groomsmen.
Another reason that I like a sweetheart table is because it offers a time that the bride and groom can enjoy each other for a little alone time. They will be kissing Aunt Sally and hugging their mom's boss the rest of the every and not spending time together. Have some time away amongst their family and friends. I will be having one at my wedding and I am sure after the broomjumpinggroom sees it he will appreciate it.

For more pictures of sweetheart tables check out the postings on African-American Brides: The Blog and The Wedding Decorator. What are you going to have at your wedding? The traditional head table, a sweetheart table or something new?


Blablover5 said...

We have such a small wedding party we're just gonna have the bridal party with their dates at a table.

African-American Brides said...

Thanks so much for linking to us! I've added your site to our blogroll. Happy planning! Keep us posted, OK? :)


The Pissed off Bride said...

I agree with having a sweethearts table. I think everyone will have more fun sitting with whom they came with.

Erica said...

We're having one. Our venue has a dinky stage up front and center, so we kind of have to have one. But I love the idea and the romance of one!

PS-I'm keeping the planner, she's turned around.