Saturday, March 7, 2009


Over the past week I have been creating my wedding invitation. I had spoke in previous postings I talked about purchasing them. The invitations had 50 invitations and 50 RSVP cards along with envelopes. Each box was $8.99. The invitations are cream with a raised floral design on the side. I used the font English for our names and used Copperlight for the rest of the invitation. I placed our monogram that is going to be used throughout the wedding, on the top of the invitation. It took a whole evening to figure out how I wanted the invitation to be formatted, but once I saw it on the screen I knew it was right.

On my RSVP cards that I added our monogram to as well. When I received wedding invitations in the past as so as I opened the invitation all of these little papers would fall out. I decided that I did not want my guest to go through this, so I made these cards that on one side have a listing of where we are registered and hotel accommodations. On the other side, there are directions to the ceremony site. To make these cards I bought a pack of card stock the same color as my wedding invitation for $5.99 at Staples and printed them on my computer. I formatted it so that there were 6 sets on each side of the page. I then took them to Staples to have them cut for $6.00. I tried to cut them myself, but I was just cutting them every which way but right.

The other night my MOH helped me put the invitations together. After we ate dinner, it took us about 3 hours to stuff them. Some of my invitations went out today and the rest will go out by Monday morning. It is really a finalizing experience taking your invitations to the post office. Even though I have been engaged for sometime, going to the post office today made me really realize that I am getting married in a few short weeks.

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