Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wedding Questions

Just a few thoughts...please feel free to respond.
  • Who do you give gifts to? I know that you give gifts to bridesmaids and groomsmen, but do you give items to the ushers, hostess? If so what are you giving them?
  • Do you send your bridesmaids and groomsmen invitations? I thought this was kinda of silly since they are in the wedding.
  • Are you expected to call guest who do not respond by the RSVP date? My issue with this is that if they can not be nice to responsed to you by the due date, why do you need to track them down. One less person that I need to feed. Am I being unreasonable?
  • How are your organizing all of the wedding stuff that you have for that day? It seems like all the stuff , like flowers, programs, and petal cones, that I have for the wedding is kinda taking over my house.

Any answers? Does anyone else have any other questions that maybe some other blogger brides maybe able to answer?


Jonezy said...

I am not sure about giving ushers a gift, but I have heard that the hostess should be gifted... um, what am I getting my hostess? Good question. lol I am getting my bridesmaids gourmet chocolates along with another gift, so I think the hostess will get chocolates as well with a note saying: thanks for helping make this day "sweet". Or something along those lines.

I hear as well that Bridesmaids & Groomsmen get invites. I guess jsut for the sake of getting one?

Calling guests who don't respond is pretty popular too lol--just incase they actually do plan on coming and just were too lazy to mail back the little envelope you paid postage on.

Lastly, lucky me-- I get to store my wedding crap at my parents house in Ohio as well. So the things that are with me are just the paper items and favors. The stuff at their home my mom boxes up when I leave and throws in my old closet lol.

Hannah Noel said...

Who do you give gifts to: we are giving to the whole wedding party (that includes ushers, FG's & RB's, and anyone else that plays a significant role in the wedding).

Do you send your bridesmaids and groomsmen invitations: yes-- I'm sending them an invitation to be nice! I mean, they are IN The party, they deserve to get one! Unless, however, you're on a tight budget or have a low # of invitations to give.

Are you expected to call guest who do not respond by the RSVP date: Well-- I would, but not necessarily to be courteous to the person who failed to RSVP. I plan to do it for ME-- because we'll need an official headcount. I'd hate to not call 20 people only for them to show up unexpected at the wedding. Some people just forget to RSVP!

How are your organizing all of the wedding stuff that you have for that day: We have all of our reception decor stuffed in my closet :). When it gets closer to the wedding, we'll spread it all out on the dining room table. I've got a box and folder that I keep all my invitations and other files in. My sister (MOH) has our bouquets at her house!

futuremrsj said...

I think you give gifts to the entire bridal party, including ushers and hostess. I have no idea what I'm getting anyone yet--but my best friend gave the hostesses similar gifts as the bridesmaids(jewelry) and gave the ushers similar gifts as the groomsmen.

Yes--you still send invitations to the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

I would say to call them or get in contact with them somehow--because you don't want to assume they're not coming and then they show up on your wedding day.

Our apartment is small, so some of our stuff is staying at my mom's house in her storage room. And we are just finding nooks and crannies in the apartment (away from the cats) to keep everything else.