Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Ebay

I posted the other day about my Ebay finds, here are some more of my finds.

I want my two ushers and ring bearer to wear brown Converse since they are children. I did not want their parents to have to buy a pair of dress shoes for wedding that they will not wear again. I am still looking for 2 more pairs, but I found one pair for $15.00.

I was looking to add some wow factor to my centerpieces for the reception, without the wow factor expense. I had seen on one of the bridal shows, how a designer had placed lighting in a centerpiece. Of course, I saw this on a Platinum Wedding, which made me think it was out of reach. It was not that far out , since I found these lights on Ebay for $24.99 for 15. All of my centerpieces that will be in tall vases will have these lights in them and they are even submersible in water.

Here is what the light looks like with used.

I have a few more things I need to locate..Ebay will probably be the first place that I look.

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