Monday, March 16, 2009


The RSVPs have started to arrive. Most of the people have been stating that they will be attending the wedding. It is making it more and more real and exciting. I have received some strange responses, like one that was returned with just a pencil check mark and no name. I have decided that persons will be able to attend the wedding and when the it is time for the reception that will have to check in at the hostesses station to ensure that they have RSVP'd. I am going to allow the persons that have RSVP'd go to their assigned table first and ask persons who have not to step aside until accommodations can be made for them. I have several hostess who are tactful, but firm, who will be able to handle this, with care. What are you doing about your non-RSVP'd guest? Are you accommodating all of them or are you making other arrangements?


Mama H said...

We had the head waiter make more of each meal than what was RSVP'd to and then when the people arrived and the hostesses couldn't find a place card for them, they tactfully alerted the head waiter. We kindly and gently had them wait until we determined no shows and placed them at that table. It somehow all seems to work out as everyone is in a joyous mood at a wedding! They inevitably feel embarrassed and we didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable so said it 'probably got lost in the mail' and things like that. Everyone was happy!

One Bride with Broom said...

That's a good idea! We haven't sent out invitations yet, but when my cousin got married last year he and his wife had a mini fiasco trying to accommodate folks that didn't RSVP properly.