Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bigger is Not Always Better

Well I did it, I found my wedding dress. I thought that it was to early to find my dress, but I did and I even did the unthinkable I purchased it (thanks mom). How could I not buy the dress, it was only $250.00!!! I know totally unbelievable. I had decided that I really needed to find something that was within my budget and I really did not want to purchase a dress for over $1,000 that I was only going to wear once. Heck, I can buy those $500.00 designer shoes that I want for my wedding now.

In my journey, I found that I really enjoyed having the personal touch. When I went to some of the smaller bridal shops, I got the one on one attention that I think that every bride deserves. This is a big purchase. Not only are you buying a once in lifetime dress, but you are spending hundreds of dollars on it. It is a big decision. The shops that I have an excellent experience at were Weddings Gowns Etc. and Perfect Weddings Bridal. The larger bridal shops, I felt pressured to purchases a dress a dress with 2 weeks because of the shipping time. I totally understand that some bridal consultants work on commission, but dag stop with the dress threats of companies discontinuing styles and my dress getting stuck in customs. The family feel that I got from the small bridal shops, make me more comfortable trying on the dresses and asking questions about the dresses. The vibe there at the smaller bridal shops, made it alot easier to spend more money there as well.

All the pictures in this posting are all dresses that I like. Can you guess which one that I purchased?

I won't tell.... You have to guess!!

Did you figure it out yet?

Well, I guess that you will have to wait until next April when you see the pictures from the wedding. I guess I will have to wait also since, I did not keep it in my house and it is at my mothers. I will be loving it from a far. I guess I will be making many trips to my mom's house to touch it and try it on.

When looking for a wedding dress....please, please be comfortable in what you are going to wear. Make sure that it "you" and not what others think "you " looks like. I can not wait to wear my dress, 11 months and counting.


tina said...

Congrats! So exciting! I HATED dress shopping. Dress shop employees are so rude. I can't wait to see what you got. My dress was dirt cheap too!

GetMarried4less said...

u aint right!!! no hints????

i have no idea which one you picked, but i'm confident whichever one it was is beautiful. and an amazing price too!

i can't wait to get my dress in.....i want to try it on, wear it around the house and sleep in it, lol.....

Dana said...

I know what you are saying. Some wedding dress consultants are like Narzi's, it makes for a wonderfule experience to be soured. I am glad that I am done with that, now if I can get through it with my bridesmaids I will be just fine.

Dana said...

Thanks GetMarried4less. I need to keep a little mystery since my fiance might come to the site. I feel like you do, I want to go to my mom's house and dance around in my dress.

JewishGal said...

A lot of those dresses are really pretty! I haven't even started the dress search yet, other than looking at pretty pictures online. I'm thinking of going to Nordstrom or something and buying a white evening gown instead of a wedding dress (MUCH cheaper and more my style, I think).

I added you to my wedding blog roll :)

Dana said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll Jewish Gal. I love your idea for finding a cheaper dress by getting an evening gown. You might be able to even find something cheaper since it is prom season.