Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Teeth Whiting? Skin Embrassion? Workout?

When you become a bride you are sent into a whirlwind of creating a beauty routine so that you can be the pretty when all eyes are on you as you come down the aisle. I am no exception. My routine began last week with my 6 month teeth cleaning. While at the cleaning I asked my dentist about tooth whiting. All the while thinking, only if my insurance will cover it. Luckily, my dentist, Dr. Allen, is a woman after my own heart, CHEAP. She told me that the over the counter products for teeth whiting, such as Crest Whitening Strips (click and get a coupon), work just as well as having your dentist do the procedure, you just need to complete the process a couple of times before the your wedding. Let me mark that on my April 2009, tooth whiting start January 2009.

I have been obsessed with having flawless skin since I got engaged. I have even started seeing my childhood dermatologist again, Dr. Williams. Besides, every time I go to see him, he relays my dermatological history from birth, he also gives me great care. He gives me something like a skin peel every time I go. When I first started getting it, the process creeped me out because the container that he bought the treatment in was foaming like a piece of dry ice on Halloween. I do not know why I continue to go early in the morning to see him, because after the treatment my face is so tight I can barely answer the phone when I get to work. But after the tightness is over, my face is smooth. Along with the face wash and astringent that he gives me my face should be in tip top shape for my wedding.

I have been working out for the past year, but I have pumped up my workouts ever since I got engaged. I don't want all the eyes on me to be focused on my dress and not my rolls or my giggly bottom. I need to tone since I have lost about 50, 40 to go. I have been doing belly dancing, walking and new to me I have been working on the elliptical machine. I have a little muscle in my arms, but it anyone our there has a great workout to get my flappers (arms) in tip top shape for my wedding please email to let me know.

When I thought about all the things that I have to do for my wedding, think about the creation of a wedding beauty routine seems like a bit much. As I thought about it some more, I have noticed that my fiance is not changing anything for the wedding. The most that he will do is to make sure his head and face are shaved. That's not fair, is it?

Beauty routine. Check. Just let me add one more time to my things to do list for my wedding.


Kate said...

I am glad I am not the ONLY ONE! lol

I get my first microdermabrasion session next week - so excited!!

Kate said...

Hi Dana! I've added you to my Bride Blogroll today.

Thanks for reading! :)