Monday, May 19, 2008


I finally found dresses that I like that I think that my bridal party would like. I sent an email to my bridesmaids about their dress,shoes and potential dates to go to bridal store to order the dresses. I have 6 bridesmaids, a maid of honor and a matron of honor. They are all different in personality and in style flare. I have....

  • Kamikaze Kitty-- She is quiet, but mighty when she wants to be.
  • Bluetifuldove-- She is patient, strong and likes to be fly diva.
  • RHOalty-- She has a smooth elegance with a hint of sauciness.
  • Code Blue--She is the peacemaker. She does not like confusion.
  • Confucius--She is an intellectual diva.
  • Twin--She is reassuring and caring.

I have one maid of honor

  • Baby Girl-- She is meek and mighty. She has not quite figured out which one she should be in what situation.

I have one matron of honor

  • Frog Princess ( She collects frogs. I am not calling her one) -- She is my reassurance and strength when I feel like I have none.

Since they are all different I want them to feel special in the dress that they wear in my wedding. I have selected separates from Alfred Angelo. I want them to choose their own top, with everyone with the same skirt. I also want them to choose their own shoes that they will be comfortable in, but they will all be dyed the same color. The only other difference besides their tops is that I want the maid and the matron of honor in the chocolate brown while everyone else will be in the aqua. The dresses above sort of look like some of the separates in the Alfred Angelo collection.

I want to feel special on my wedding day and I want my friends to feel special as well.

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