Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who Said Being Thrifty Could Not Chic

Well I found a few things and more on my list for when I went garage selling and thrifting with my mom yesterday. I found items for the wedding and for our home.

I got this container for $3.00 to use as part of my candy bar at the wedding.

I got this one as well, but for only $.50. It will be great to keep the aqua gumballs in for the candy bar.

I also found a brass picture holder that was $.75, that I will probably spray paint silver and use to show an assortment of photos of Chuck and I at the reception. I also found this cool African mask for our house.

I have been researching what it means on the Internet. I think that it means peace and freedom. If anyone knows any different please let me know. The lady wanted $30.00 for it, but I was going to offer $15.00,as my mom stood there and stated "You should have offered $10.00." I knew what I was doing. I fortunately found something wrong with it and offered her $10.00 and she took it. Now it is mine.

I also found something at the thrift store that was totally unexpected. I found an Annie Lee painting. I love her work. I have several pieces of her artwork in my home. As luck would have it, it is the photo that I use for my posting for the wedding tip of the week. It is called "Jumping the Broom". This piece of art is on a tile. I love it. How fitting is it that I found this. I might even use it somewhere in the wedding, maybe by the guest book or the candy bar.

That's a few more things off of the list. I need to find 3 more containers for the candy bar, so I will be thrifting a little more often to save some more money. I am going to have a hip, sheik, cheap wedding yet (and an artfully decorated home as well).

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Erica said...

Much much lower than Jenna's. Her dress alone probably is more than my entire budget! Thanks for your vote of confidence.