Monday, June 9, 2008

Blue, Red or Song bird, What is in the Nest?

Looking for a magazine that speaks to you as future " the Mrs.", well I got one for you. It is [ the nest] magazine. This quarterly mag, is filled with information for you and your future hubby to look over concerning issues from fiance, cooking, decor and planning for baby (not ready for that section). You not only get expert advice, but also get to hear the perspective for engaged couples and/or newlyweds. This magazine comes from the creators of the knot (they know what they are talking about) . These editors get you from planning for your wedding, to planning for your home to creating a life for you and your significant other.

I stumbled upon this magazine, when a co-worker who was getting married sign up on [ the nest ] website stated that she received the magazine free for a year. I tried and have been getting the magazine ever since. It has been totally worth it. I will probably extend my subscription after mine runs out (to add to my already large subscription list. My mail man should love that). You should try it as well. Go to[the nest]and sign up as a member, it is free. You to could be receiving free issues of the magazine. If you do not want to kill a tree every 3 months, you can also find lots information, blog groups and communities on their website.

If you get [the nest] or have been to their website, share your thoughts by responding to this post. Happy reading.

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The Bona Fide Preppy Bride said...

Hey! My monogram came from this seller: Her name is Donna and she is amazing!! She will work with you until you get what you want and it was only $5!!